Human Resources – Featured Service

Human Resources – Featured Services

Sherwood Forest Homes Association, Merriam Kansas.

Sherwood Forest Homes Association, Merriam Kansas.


  • PEER Review
  • HR Generalist
  • Workforce Evaluation
  • Division of Manpower


  • Managed a 500 plus member organized service delivery industry
  • Assisted five other elected officials in developing Westwood’s Personnel Policy (handbook) and authored countless administrative policies
  • Numerous not-for-profit organizations including start-ups from organizing state and federal applications to managing the organization
  • Community Organizer, Grant Writer and Project Management


  • PEER Review - Resolving Employment Disputes:  The Innovative Role of Peer Review; Hosted and Coordinated by The World Bank, Washington DC, 2013
  • Easier Said than Done:  Maintaining Impartiality in Mediation, 2013
  • Pulling for Settlement, 2013
  • WATNA? BATNA? Damages? Uh-huh! Negotiating Damages for Mediators, 2013
  • Master of Public Administration Degree with one emphasis in Industrial and Personnel Development

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